To everyone who joined us for the June Milestone (June 10-11, 2021) and/or the February Milestone/Pursuit Kick-Off (February 24-26, 2021), thank you!  We know the climate action will continue between now and the October Milestone.  To those who were not able to join us in February or June, there’s still time to get involved and join us for the year-long Pursuit! You can still register here

Note: if you attended the June Milestone and are looking for the session recordings, they will be available for viewing beginning the week of June 21st. Once they are available, you will be able to find them on Sched (log into your Sched account, go to a session, and look for the yellow “Video Stream” button on the page. If the only yellow button you see says, “Open Zoom”, then that session recording isn’t available for viewing yet). Thank you!

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