Congratulations to the Pursuit Host Institutions! 

By being one, you are illustrating your continued commitment to the urgency of climate action in 2021, and doing so on a campus and community-wide level.

Host Institutions have made a formal commitment to participate in the Climate Action Pursuit as a campus cohort.  As such, they receive 10 individual Pursuit registrations, complimentary student participation (level of access to be determined with each Host Institution), expanded access to program recordings, and visibility as a Pursuit partner.

Host Institutions: Want to let others know about your participation in the Pursuit?  We can help with that.  Scroll towards the bottom for more info. 

Interested in Becoming a Host Institution?
Please Contact Hannah Bowen ([email protected]). 

For Host Institutions:
As a confirmed Host Institution, you are able to use our Pursuit Media Kit to help you share the exciting news about your participation in the Pursuit with others!  From logos that you can download, Host Institution Badges for your website/social media, and much more.
Access Pursuit Media Kit


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