Climate Action Pursuit – Registration


Registration for the 2021 Climate Action Pursuit is always open!  Even if you weren’t able to join us in February or June, you can still register today and join us for October and December in the year-long pursuit.

Please find all of the registration details you need to know below, and once you are ready to register, click on the “Register Here” button below.
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Questions? Contact Michele Madia, Senior Director, Programs and Communications ([email protected])

Registration Basics & FAQs

For a PDF version of the FAQs, please click here.

What Does Registration Include?

  • Programming
    • Registration gives you access to a full suite of interactive and on-demand online programming. 

      • “Individual Registration” includes programming delivered during all four milestone check-in points (in February, June, October, and December).

      • “One Milestone Only” registration is also available to access the programming delivered in any one of the four milestone events.

    • Registration includes access to on-demand content (including recordings available after each milestone) and may include discounts to other events or programs hosted by the Intentional Endowments Network, Second Nature, or Climate Action Pursuit sponsors.

    • Some specific sessions within each milestone’s agenda may be limited to registrants in certain job functions, geographies, or other characteristics, and/or be limited in size with first-come, first-served participation among Pursuit registrants. Such sessions will be flagged in the agenda with additional instructions for access.

  • Networking and Support
    • Registration includes Peer-to-Peer conversations and networking sessions open to all participants of the Climate Action Pursuit, as well as opportunities to share contact information with other participants and find peers to collaborate with.

    • Registrants can opt in to additional “Pursuit Teams” for a higher level of support within a dedicated cohort (see below).

Can we register as a team? Are there group discounts?

  • Yes! To get a group discount and additional access benefits, you can join the Pursuit as a Host Institution (higher education institutions) or Sponsor (businesses or other organizations). See more about Host Institutions and Sponsorships below.

What do the registration categories mean?

  • Individual Registration – this registration is for the participation of one person in the full Climate Action Pursuit (access to all four milestones’ full programming, as well as post-event access to recordings). Individuals should register according to their affiliation, and should first confirm whether their affiliated institution/organization is a Pursuit Host Institution or Sponsor before registering individually:
    • Higher education participants:
      • Member Campus – work at or serve on the board of a higher education institution that is a formal member of IEN (see list here if you’re not sure) or a Second Nature initiative signatory

      • Non-Member Campus – work at or serve on the board of any other higher education institution (not an IEN member or Second Nature signatory)

    • Business participants:
      • Member Business – work at or serve on the board of a for-profit company that is a formal member of IEN (see list here if you’re not sure) or a Second Nature initiative signatory

      • Non-Member Business – work at or serve on the board of any other for-profit company (not an IEN member or Second Nature signatory)

    • Nonprofit, government, or other participants:
      • Member Nonprofit, Gov’t – work at or serve on the board of a nonprofit or government entity (that is not a higher ed institution) or are self-employed, retired, or registering without affiliation to an organization; and are a formal member of IEN (see list here if you’re not sure) or a Second Nature initiative signatory

      • Non-Member Nonprofit, Gov’t – work at or serve on the board of a nonprofit or government entity (that is not a higher ed institution) or are self-employed, retired, or registering without affiliation to an organization; and are not an IEN member or Second Nature signatory

    • Student participants:
      • Students – current students (any degree program, any institution). Complimentary student registrations are included with Host Institution participation, and discounts may be available for students participating in the SIILK Network or other activities with IEN, Second Nature, and partners (please confirm with your staff contact for discounts available).

    • President & Trustee Cohort:
      • By Invitation Only: Presidents or Chancellors of higher education institutions, as well as Trustees of higher education institutions have been invited to participate in a cohort with peers. There is one 90-minute cohort meeting around the time of each milestone (the next session will take place on June 23, 2021). Presidents, Chancellors, and Trustees registering using this registration category will have access to all other Climate Action Pursuit sessions included with their registration, but only those individuals registered in this category will have access to the four invitation-only cohort meetings.


  • Single Milestone – while the Climate Action Pursuit is designed as a series of check-in points from February through December 2021, we know some individuals may want to participate in just one portion of the programming. To register for just one milestone (ie, February 24-26, 2021, or June 10-11, 2021, or October 7-8, 2021, or December 9-10, 2021) please select the Single Milestone registration type.

  • Host Institution – this category is for higher education institutions to participate as a campus cohort. Host Institution registration includes 10 individual registrations, complimentary student participation (level of access to be determined with each Host Institution), expanded access to program recordings, and visibility as a Pursuit partner. To become a host, please contact: Hannah Bowen ([email protected])

  • Sponsor – this registration is for business, nonprofit, government, or other organizations to participate as a group and support the program as a whole. Sponsor benefits include individual registrations (number varies by sponsorship level). Please visit this page to learn more about sponsorship before registering.

How do I sign up for specific sessions?

  • All registrants receive access to Sched, our event platform to create a personalized agenda and access links to participate in all virtual sessions. 

  • Some workshops and networking sessions will require pre-reservation to limit the size for more productive conversation. Instructions for reserving a spot in those sessions and links to participate will be shared with registrants.

How Much Does It Cost to Register?

Members (IEN Members, SN Signatories):

CategoryTotal Price Number of Participants & Milestones Included
Host Campus$ 2,50010 people (4 milestones each)
Individual Registration – Campus$ 3001 person (4 milestones)
Individual Registration – Other non-profit/Government$ 4001 person (4 milestones)
Individual Registration – Business$ 6001 person (4 milestones)
Single Milestone Registration$ 2001 person, 1 milestone
President & Trustee Cohort$ 2001 person (4 milestones and 4 invitation-only Presidential Pursuit Cohort meetings)


CategoryTotal PriceNumber of Participants & Milestones Included
Host Campus (includes 1 year IEN membership)$ 3,50010 people (4 milestones each)
Individual Registration – Campus$ 4001 person (4 milestones)
Individual Registration – Other non-profit/Government$ 6001 person (4 milestones)
Individual Registration – Business$ 8001 person (4 milestones)
Single Milestone Registration$ 3001 person, 1 milestone
President & Trustee Cohort$ 2001 person (4 milestones and 4 invitation-only Presidential Pursuit Cohort meetings)

How do I register?

  • Go to the Climate Action Pursuit Eventbrite page to begin the registration process.

  • Click on “Register” on the right-hand side below the event title. This will open a window where you’ll be asked to choose a registration type. Please see above for descriptions of each registration type.

  • If your organization is a Host or Sponsor, or you are registering with a discount or as a student, click on the words “Enter promo code” at the top of the list of registration types. Enter your code and click on “Apply” before selecting a registration type. This should change the pricing to match your discount type and/or provide complimentary registration as part of your organization’s Host/Sponsor status. If you do not have a promo code, please contact the Climate Action Pursuit team before proceeding.

  • Select your registration type by choosing “1 registration” in the dropdown next to the correct type. A summary should appear on the right, showing the type you have selected and the amount you will be charged for that registration. If this is correct, click “Checkout” to continue. If it does not show up as expected, please contact the Climate Action Pursuit team for troubleshooting.

  • Complete the registration form. You will be asked for contact information, a description of your role and interests, and what you hope to gain from and contribute to the Climate Action Pursuit. You will not be asked to select specific sessions, or to commit to a specific track of programming at this time. Specific sessions will be shared in January and February, and the option to join a Pursuit Team will be available during the February milestone. Please note that Eventbrite has an automatic time-limit function; if your registration takes more than 15 minutes, it will time out and close the form, and you will need to begin again.

  • After you have completed the form, click “Place Order” to complete payment for your registration.

Refund/Exchange Policy

  • Refund policy – Registration is for one person but may be transferred to another person at no additional charge if you are unable to attend. A full refund is available until February 10, 2021; partial refunds may be available after that date.

What is expected of participants?

  • While we’ve designed the Pursuit to be a flexible journey and you’re free to choose your own preferred level of participation, the more effort you put into the Pursuit, the more you’ll learn. 

  • Committing to a high level of engagement (to maximize your learning experience) will include attending 4-6 hours in learning sessions over 2-3 days during each of our four milestone events, which are February 24-26, June 10-11, October 7-8, and December 9-10. At your option, it will also include optional webinars and networking opportunities where you can gain inspiration, learning, and support from peers. At a more moderate level of participation, you might instead spend 2-3 hours a day in the four milestone events. Of course, you can adjust your level of participation as needed based on your other priorities and can always access recordings of learning sessions later as a Pursuit participant.

  • As a Pursuit participant, you’ll also be part of a Pursuit Team, a small group of peers who have agreed to support one another along this action learning journey. It’s important to commit to participating in Pursuit Team sessions across the year as part of your commitment to your team.

  • Pursuit Participants will share both successes and challenges in their journeys with one another. That sharing may include sensitive information about difficulties people are facing in their work.

  • To ensure a safe and effective learning environment for all Pursuit participants to share openly, we ask that each Pursuit participant agrees to our 2021 Pursuit Code of Conduct:

2021 Pursuit Code of Conduct 
As a Pursuit participant, I agree to:

  1. Hold in confidence any information shared with me by other participants during Pursuit Team discussions and Pursuit Networking events;
  2. Take responsibility for both my intent and my impact on others, and be open to feedback about my behaviors that may be negatively impacting others;
  3. Help ensure equal speaking time for members of my Pursuit Team and Pursuit Networking groups; 
  4. Name racist, sexist, and other demeaning and marginalizing behaviors or language;
  5. Listen and seek to understand different perspectives and opinions, even when they seem to conflict with my own;
  6. Practice being comfortable with discomfort and the anxiety that can accompany deep learning experiences;
  7. Be present during Pursuit events and bring my fullest attention and willingness to engage to this Pursuit;
  8. Where I’m able, be generous with my time, connections, and resources in support of the members of our community who are working to advance climate resilience and justice.

What is a Pursuit Team?

  • During the February milestone, participants will have the option to form a “Pursuit Team” with peers who are pursuing a similar goal. Pursuit Teams will have additional facilitation support, guidance, and tools to set concrete goals and move in a deliberate way together toward those goals, using the Climate Action Pursuit milestones as a platform for mutual accountability and forward progress.

  • We expect Pursuit Teams to follow a general pattern, though each will be tailored to its participants’ needs:
    • February: convene, find peers facing similar opportunities/challenges, review tools for goal-setting, start setting concrete goals, establish shared expectations for frequency of check-ins, identify expert support that will be needed

    • June: share back to other team members on progress and challenges since last check-in, participate in workshops together, have a peer review/feedback of each others’ draft campus plans

    • October: present campus plans/progress to the group with invited experts and receive feedback, guidance, and support

    • December: present one of the team member’s work as a case study in a panel for all Climate Action Pursuit participants; prepare a press release highlighting the joint work and each campus’s new program/commitment/achievement.

  • Pursuit Team examples:
    • A group of 4-6 sustainability directors form a Pursuit Team to support each other in implementing internal carbon pricing on campus.
    • A group of 3 investment committee members and 2 investment consultants form a Pursuit Team to support each other in drafting new Investment Policy Statements that include racial and gender equity principles.
    • A group of 8 faculty members form a Pursuit Team to support each other in convincing their finance office to offer sustainable investing options in their retirement plan.
    • A group of 5 undergraduate students, 5 faculty, and 2 community engagement officers form a Pursuit Team to support each other in designing campus-community dialogues for the Fall 2021 semester.

Who should join a Pursuit Team? And what happens if I don’t join a Pursuit Team?

  • Pursuit Teams are an added layer of connection and support; anyone who has a goal in mind (or wants to set one) and the capacity to work with peers throughout the year should consider joining a team.

  • Climate Action Pursuit registrants/participants who don’t join a Team in February will still have plenty of opportunities to join open Peer-to-Peer conversations on topics relevant to their work, and will gain knowledge, skills, and tools to advance their individual and institutional goals.