Call for Session Proposals

2021 Climate Action Pursuit: Request for Proposals

Submitting a proposal means you will get to contribute your expertise to the Pursuit. Strong sessions will help people across our networks – in higher education, finance, climate solutions, nonprofits, and government – face today’s intersecting crises and accomplish their climate, resilience, and justice goals.

How to Submit a Session Proposal
We recommend planning out your proposal first, prior to visiting the online proposal submission form.  We have a pdf copy of what the submission form will look like to help you.
PDF Copy of Submit a Session Proposal

Once you have planned out your proposal, you can enter it into the actual online proposal submission form to officially submit it!  The form is a short set of questions to lay out the concept for your session – if accepted, we will provide a session planning template to you, to fully develop the session along with relevant speakers/facilitators.
Submit Your Proposal Here

See below for FAQ’s about the Climate Action Pursuit program and session proposals, and please reach out to Michele at Second Nature with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will the Climate Action Pursuit agenda look like?

What kinds of sessions will be offered?
We anticipate offering 6 types of sessions:

What makes a good session?
A strong session will meet the following key criteria:

What are the next steps if my session is selected?
Session organizers will work with the Second Nature and IEN teams to develop a final session plan based on session planning templates, invite and confirm diverse and engaging speakers/facilitators, and participate in a session prep call. Session organizers are expected to register for the full Climate Action Pursuit, and will receive a 25% discount code for registration.

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