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2021 Climate Action Pursuit 
October Milestone Session Videos

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Thank you to all of the speakers and cohort leaders who participated in the October Milestone!

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Keynote: Climate, Health, and Justice: Intersectionality in the Built Environment

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Climate Smart Endowment Investing

Endowments represent a powerful - and often overlooked - lever for positive change on equitable climate solutions. Addressing climate risk in portfolios is also critical for being a prudent fiduciary and protecting endowment capital. This session explored the range of steps endowments can take, from fossil fuel divestment, to investing in climate solutions, and making the commitment to Net Zero Portfolios.

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IU's Resilience Cohorts and Climate Fellows

Hear from IU about their Resilience Cohort initiative which connects Indiana’s city, town, and county governments through the process of measuring, managing, and tracking their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Meeting Major Reductions Goals with the Help of Second Nature's Solution Partners

Hear from campus recipients of Second Nature's Pro Bono consulting opportunity about how CustomerFirst Renewables and Brailsford & Dunlavey helped campuses understand and communicate the financial and carbon impacts of key projects.

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Carbon Neutrality Claims - Community Conversation

With the urgency to decarbonize as soon as possible, more claims of meeting carbon neutrality will increase. The Climate Leadership Network has had 10 signatories meet their carbon neutral goals. However, there is a current robust discussion regarding how claims are made and what should be included when sharing the accomplishment. As campuses continue to navigate goal-setting, metric-tracking, and strategy development to decarbonize, it's important that claims of carbon neutrality are transparent both for individual campuses and as a network of campuses.

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Climate Justice in Action: Developing the City of Oakland's Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP)

This workshop walked participants through key steps and strategies used in the development of the City of Oakland's 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP).

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Moving Our Money for Climate Justice

Hear presentations from peers on what you can do to move personal and institutional assets for climate justice. Thought leaders will share ways in which we can engage companies to direct them towards more sustainable practices and why these actions are essential for university stakeholders to consider in their climate action plan.

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Keynote: Federal Research Priorities for Equitable Climate Solutions

Learn about the current and future role of the National Science Foundation in supporting climate solution research including emerging models for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary programs, how NSF is supporting the Justice40 Initiative, including ways that all types of institutions can participate in the research enterprise, and how senior leadership in higher education can support and advocate for emerging climate solution priorities.

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Community Resilience Building Training Workshop

The need for academic institutions to build community resilience and adapt to extreme weather is now strikingly evident. Ongoing events continuously reinforce this urgency and compel leading communities to proactively plan and act. In response to this ever-increasing need and urgency, the Community Resilience Building (CRB) (www.CommunityResilienceBuilding.org) process was created. Learn about the CRB.

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Shifting Power Dynamics to Center Grassroots Movements in Decision Making

Learn about how power dynamics in decision making can be shifted whether you are making an investment decision or coming up with a plan to reduce carbon emissions.

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Keynote: The Truth About the Roots of the Climate Crisis and the Path Forward

This keynote panel conversation brought key climate justice leaders together to reflect on how higher education has responded to the climate crisis and why these responses and the crafting of solutions need to be in partnership with grassroots and frontline communities. They illustrated that the problem and the solution lie beyond our focus on carbon emissions and are intertwined with our legacies of colonialism and environmental racism. It’s not just about doing something about climate change but how and what we do that matters. The panel offered a people and justice centered framework to help us articulate the solutions we need to address climate change.

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