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2021 Climate Action Pursuit 
June Milestone Session Videos

Every session video below is marked with the icon of the Pursuit theme it falls under.  Some of the sessions fall under more than one theme.  In that case, they’re marked with the overarching theme they fall under. 
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Thank you to all of the speakers and cohort leaders who participated in the June Milestone!

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Browning the Green Space - Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in Practice

In this session, we explored systems-based approaches to promoting JEDI objectives in pursuing energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable resource management, and more by examining how these approaches intersect with several key pillars - careers & companies, capital & contracts, and communities.

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Next Level Conversations - Curriculum & Community Engagement

Hear silo-breaking updates from peers leading on climate justice through universities’ curriculum design and collaborative work to address issues affecting communities well-being.

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Just and Equitable Climate Action Planning: Integrating climate justice and equity into CAPs and the climate action planning process

This workshop focused on the ways that college/universities can develop more just and equitable climate action plans drawing on the experiences of several higher education institutions and other cross-sector partners.

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Policy Briefing - How to Understand, Adapt to, and Influence the Rules of a Sustainable Economy

Learn about how regulators in Europe and the U.S. are reshaping the investment and business landscape, and make plans to take action to shape and respond to the evolving policy context.

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Your Retirement Plan is Contributing to Climate Change and Inequality, what are you doing about it?

Many retirement funds invest in companies with poor track records on the environment, diversity, and racial justice. This session is designed to give you a new toolkit needed to correct this and begin moving the more than $1 trillion in 403(b) in assets towards a world that fosters a healthier planet and a more just society for all.

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Lightning Round: Ambitious Goals and Who Can Help You Meet Them

Hear inspiring, short "lightning round" presentations about what is possible in our field, on topics such as: - Making a Net Zero Portfolio Commitment - The Student Corporate Engagement Competition - Creating Racial Equity Standards for Impact Investing - Effectively Working with Community Partners in Resilience Planning and more!

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Using Your Institutional Power to Achieve Climate Justice

Learn how to leverage the full power and assets of higher education institutions to achieve climate justice. The session kicked off with remarks by Dr. Davarian Baldwin, the Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Trinity College, to talk about "The Anti-Racist University: Why Equity and Inclusion Cannot Stop at the Campus Gates," providing a big picture view of current and historical origins of university power & wealth.

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Empowering People-Oriented Climate Action: Santa Clara University, Dickinson College, & EcoChallenge.org

Speakers in this session shared their tools and practices to invite and empower students, faculty, and staff to easily see how the choices they make contribute to collective campus and global sustainability goals, as well as how those collective actions are measured and shared.

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Forest carbon offsets to meet net zero commitments

This session introduced forest carbon offsets and considered their role in helping university campuses and endowments meet net zero climate commitments.

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Net Zero Endowments - How Asset Managers & Industry Initiatives Can Help Endowments Reach Net Zero

Asset Managers can play a key role in ensuring endowments can meet Net Zero Portfolio commitments, to reduce emissions and drive equitable climate solutions in the real economy. This session included perspectives from leading asset managers and nonprofit industry initiatives on the latest state of play and best practices.

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Keynote Conversation: Leah Stokes and Nikayla Jefferson

A keynote conversation between Leah Stokes and Nikayla Jefferson about how young activism can impact climate and energy policy at various levels of decision-making and types of decision-makers.

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Next Level Conversations - Operations & Finance

Hear silo-breaking updates from peers leading on climate justice in university operations and finance, including endowment investing.

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