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2021 Climate Action Pursuit 
December Milestone Session Videos

Every session video below is marked with the icon of the Pursuit theme it falls under.  Some of the sessions fall under more than one theme.  In that case, they’re marked with the overarching theme they fall under. 
The theme icons are:

Community Knowledge Neutrality Policy Racial Justice Student Leadership


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Thank you to all of the speakers and cohort leaders who participated in the December Milestone!

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COP26 Recap & Reflections for the Higher Education Sector

Hear from climate champions from the higher education space who attended COP26, to hear about their own experiences, higher education’s presence at COP26, and their takeaways.

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Lightning Round: Campus Highlights from the Climate Action Pursuit

A showcase of ambitious climate goals and achievements that occurred on campuses during 2021.

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Lessons Learned in Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion-Centered Climate Resilience Planning

An update on the University of California's Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Centered Campus Climate Resilience Planning project that launched in 2021.

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Project Drawdown & Endowment Investing

Hear from Project Drawdown on the most important global warming solutions their research has identified, and from Stewart Investors on how they have mapped their portfolio companies to the Drawdown framework, and can report on those outcomes via an interactive world map.

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The Acceleration Fund: Accelerating Climate Action Planning From Campus to Community

In spring 2020, Second Nature launched the first round of the Acceleration Fund, an effort to support innovative cross-sector climate action activities driven by colleges and universities. This panel discussion will unite colleagues from across the U.S. who leveraged their Fund to accelerate climate action and resilience planning and look back on progress made since. Explore best practices in advancing this work in diverse college and university contexts, including models for student engagement and effective techniques to engage community partners.

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Lightning Round: Climate Action Pursuit Outcomes

Ted-type quick talks to showcase campus achievements in the past year as a result of the Climate Action Pursuit.

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End of Pursuit Highlights and Reflection

Highlights and reflections from the year-long Pursuit.

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