Climate Action Pursuit


Toward Justice and Resilience. Throughout 2021, Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network will lead a process of learning, planning, acting, and leading on equity and climate on our campuses, in our communities, and across our society and economy.

The Climate Action Pursuit is a series of milestone check-in points – in February, June, October, and December 2021 – that will give participants the tools and peer-support to accomplish their climate, resilience, and justice goals. The flexible virtual program will be designed to fit our networks’ busy schedules and competing priorities.

Participants will follow thematic Pursuits – described here – with the opportunity to define and achieve new commitments together over the course of the year in each theme. Participants can join thematic Pursuit Teams for additional tailored content, camaraderie, and mutual accountability with peers working towards shared goals.

Participants will also have opportunities for meaningful engagement with peers in similar roles, to discuss the challenges and opportunities they are facing in those roles and find collaborators.

The 2021 Climate Action Pursuit builds on the progress of our last three Higher Education Climate Leadership Summits.

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