Congratulations to the Awarded Higher Ed Institutions!



Thank you to the colleges and universities who submitted applications for this round!

A tremendous thank you to the application review committee:
Susan Kidd, Agnes Scott College | Kaede Kawauchi, Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) | Terri Taylor, Lumina Foundation | Bre’Anna Brooks, Chesapeake Bay Trust | Briana Yancy, Chesapeake Bay Program/Chesapeake Research Consortium | Jorge Piocuda, University of Virginia | Ola-Imani Davis, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay | Matt St. Clair, University of California | Tracey Osborne, University of California, Merced | Janelle Wright, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance | Stephen Ellis, Boston University | Marshall Curry, EPIC-N | Elizabeth Drake, Swarthmore College

The Acceleration Fund is dedicated to supporting innovative cross-sector climate action activities driven by colleges and universities.  The Acceleration Fund was first introduced last year at the 2020 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit.  Projects awarded funding in 2020 fostered long-term, campus-community partnerships and had the potential to scale climate action activities beyond a single-year grant term. 

Similarly, for the second round of funding, Second Nature awarded funding for projects focused on long-term, campus-community partnerships.  However, this year, preference was also given to projects that place an explicit emphasis on climate justice/equity and engaging with communities of color.



Who Was Eligible to Apply?

Colleges/universities who are Climate Leadership Network signatories and/or University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) members were eligible to apply.   


What Projects Were Eligible?
Projects eligible for the funding included those that would use the funding for implementation of existing climate action projects or to support climate action planning activities.    


Chantal Madray ([email protected])

Added Bonus: Have you seen the College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute’s teaser trailer for their project? Watch it here!

Funding for the Acceleration Fund – Second Round
was made possible by Lumina Foundation.

Awardee Announcement

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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