Phase II: Hosting the Forum

Information and recommendations for managing day-of activities

Note: By clicking the icon , readers will arrive at the Master Checklist that corresponds to each point of the timeline.

Day of the Forum

Brief Kick-Off Meeting Ahead of Set-Up (Working Group: Event Chair & Logistics/Programming)

The event chair must gather all committee members and volunteers for a brief kick-off meeting at least two hours before the event. The chair and/or the point of contact of Logistics/Programming will perform a quick rundown of tasks and event flow based on the Master Checklist circulated a few days prior. 

Final Audio-Visual Soundcheck (Working Group: Logistics/Programming & IT Support)

Audio-visual equipment should be inspected by the IT support staff one last time to ensure all equipment is available and in working condition. Together with the day-of coordinator, IT should conduct a soundcheck to ensure speakers and microphones are working. If available, a photographer and/or a videographer may also set up their equipment where necessary. 

Checking In with Vendors and Welcoming Attendees 

Registration tables should be placed outside of the venue. Personnel members managing the table should have registration forms ready. The Logistics/Programming working group should welcome vendors and direct them to their designated areas and tables for setup. Additionally, directions to facilities, such as toilets, breakout rooms, and exits, should be clearly marked and easy to follow. Lastly, to complete the set-up, volunteers and selected planning committee members should be made visible to forum attendees to direct them to the venue.