Climate Leadership Network

Second Nature’s Signature Program, Providing Resources, Networking, and National Engagement Opportunities to Signatory Campuses.

The Climate Leadership Network is a signature program of Second Nature that provides resources, networking, and national engagement opportunities for signatory institutions.

Signatories are colleges and universities in nearly all fifty states who are taking action on climate change and preparing students through research and education.  Higher education institutions whose president/chancellor have made a formal commitment with respect to climate leadership on their campus by signing onto at least one of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, become Climate Leadership Network signatories.

No other organization has Second Nature’s framework of accountability to accelerate climate action and help institutions meet their goals.

Exciting Update: We recently went through a branding exercise with a graphic designer to clearly define the value proposition of Second Nature and our key programs.  During these conversations, we realized that while we describe the Climate Leadership Network as institutions that have signed one of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, the Network itself doesn’t have brand recognition, or a logo that represents the collection of institutions that have made these bold commitments. Until now.

We are excited to introduce the new Climate Leadership Network logo to you.

New LogoDerivative

In the new logo, you will notice there are variously sized nodes, depicting a diversity in the Network’s signatory institutions.  There are also solid and dashed lines representing different types of connections between signatories in the network.  We want to demonstrate a flexible, engaged and interconnected Network, not a rigid hub and spoke organization that forces its signatories into a one-size-fits-all, top-down structure.

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Header Photo Credit: Wells College