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A diverse network of hundreds of colleges and universities implementing comprehensive plans in pursuit of a sustainable future.

The Network


The Reporting Platform lists all reporting institutions, and shows public data and progress.

The Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments are a signature program of Second Nature and include a Carbon Commitment (focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions), a Resilience Commitment (focused on climate adaptation and building community capacity), and a Climate Commitment that integrates both. The Climate Leadership Network comprises more than 600 colleges and universities in every state and the District of Columbia who have committed to take action on climate and prepare students through research and education to solve the challenges of the 21st century.

These signatory institutions report on their yearly progress through the Reporting Platform, publicly sharing their climate action plans, greenhouse gas inventories and more. For a list of all institutions that are part of the Climate Leadership Network and their reports, visit the Second Nature Reporting Platform.


Climate Leadership Society

The Climate Leadership Society is an exclusive group of past presidents from signatory institutions who continue to care deeply about climate action in higher education. The founding Society members will be developing opportunities for service including: advising the Network, mentoring current presidents, and connecting the Network to additional resources to support climate progress.
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Non-Reporting System Heads

Many Higher Education Systems choose to sign as a whole, rather than campus by campus. The Central Office or System Head of those systems do not always submit their own reports, as they are usually not a campus, and their footprint is captured in the system-wide reporting. For this reason, they are not listed in the Reporting System, but they remain a crucial part of the Climate Leadership Network. Our Non-Reporting System Heads are: