Capacity Assessment Matrix

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The Capacity Assessment Matrix is a tool to help schools identify, organize, and map out existing resilience activities on campus. This can be used to complete the Resilience Assessment as part of the Climate or Resilience Commitment. The matrix is recommended for large schools where there may be several existing projects or initiatives focused on climate resilience. It can also be helpful for schools looking to collect and organize input from various stakeholders across campus, with a focus on identifying existing capacities.

The Capacity Assessment Matrix is a template; schools should modify the template to best fit the needs of their campus. The planning areas included may not apply to each campus and users should feel free to add or remove planning areas, climate impacts, and indicators as needed.

The Capacity Assessment Matrix was developed by CRUX Fellows Brian Grant and Thea Kindschuh along with their university partners. There are two versions of the matrix that may be downloaded:

There are two examples of completed Capacity Assessment Matrices that schools may refer to as models. Please note that these are working documents and not final versions of the assessment. At each school, the campus-community task force and other university stakeholders worked through several iterations to fill out the matrices below.