The partnership

Black Sustainability Inc. (BSI) and Second Nature recognize that Black communities, already disproportionately affected by environmental racism, are poised to face additional pressures from climate change.  In partnership, both organizations will work with HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and other higher education institutions to intentionally create and support spaces for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities to coalesce for advancing climate justice.

The partnership between BSI and Second Nature will advance diversity, equity, and inclusion of the green economy in the following ways:

✔️ Connect BSI’s members with Climate Leadership Network signatories, Second Nature partners, and institutional contacts;
Deepen engagement between BIPOC communities and Second Nature to amplify climate justice; 
Heighten awareness about best practices for advancing climate justice through resources like Second Nature’s Solutions Center; 
Create a session on professional networking at the annual Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit to foster long-term relationships between higher education institutions and Black sustainability professionals; and 
Increase intentional investments in BSI and promote contractual employment between campuses and Black sustainability practitioners.

By connecting Black Sustainability Network members and their wealth of lived and professional experience to contacts within the Climate Leadership Network, our organizations hope to create and identify direct contractual employment opportunities for BSN’s Black professionals. These intentionally facilitated connections and opportunities through our networks hope to further expand the green jobs pipeline.

Our Organizations

Black Sustainability, Inc. (BSI)

Black Sustainability, Inc. has the largest global network of Black/African sustainability practitioners, with over 2,000 members. Black Sustainability, Inc.’s mission is to connect people of Afrikan descent in sustainability fields to resources, development, networking, and employment opportunities.  

Are you a Black sustainability professional?  Consider joining BSI’s Black Sustainability Network – the largest global network of Black/African sustainability organizations, professionals and enthusiasts.  More information.

Second Nature
Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education.  They do this by mobilizing a diverse array of higher education institutions to act on bold climate commitments, to scale campus climate initiatives, and to create innovative climate solutions.  Second Nature aligns, amplifies, and bridges the sector’s efforts with other global leaders to advance urgent climate priorities.

Learn more about our partnership in this short two-pager.

Invest in Black Sustainability Professionals

Second Nature encourages you to donate to Black Sustainability, Inc. Your donation of $100, will support their work mapping the Black & Green ecosystem, cover the costs of membership for young scholars, and contribute to the growth of the Black Sustainability Network. Learn more about BSI’s ongoing projects and initiatives to educate, connect and invest in sustainability practitioners of African descent.
Not able to donate $100, but still interested in donating? No problem! Learn more here.

To learn more about this partnership, or if you, your team, or your institution are looking to expand your hiring practices to be more intentionally inclusive of hiring Black sustainability professionals, please contact:

Blythe Coleman-Mumford, Climate Programs Regional Manager, Second Nature
[email protected]