Glendale Community College

Glendale Community College, home of the Glendale Gaucho, has been decreasing its carbon footprint with traditional and innovative initiatives since the early 1990’s. We have reduced energy use by removing non-efficient energy appliances, increased reusability by installing refillable water-bottle stations, expanded our recycling program beyond daily collected waste, and increased carpooling among students, staff and faculty. In fact, we have more than 30 initiatives supporting sustainability active on our campus.

In 2010, our Gaucho community decided to get serious about our trash, and we started a ‘Zero Waste’ program for offices. To participate in Zero Waste, one simply had to exchange their seven gallon, office trash can for a one gallon trash can, that snapped onto their recycling bin. The implementation of this policy brought new attention to our waste management, and support efforts grew beyond the office and extended to many other campus areas. Since the start of Zero Waste, GCC has reduced its garbage 18% in just three years……Go Gauchos!!!