Chandler Gilbert Community College

Chandler-Gilbert Community College has a nationally recognized college-wide, multi-disciplinary commitment to sustainability. Adopted in May 2005, a college-wide initiative called SEE Your World focuses on social, environmental, and economic issues and promotes the college’s commitment to global learning. In adopting this initiative we have made what we do in relation to sustainability more visible and use what is happening with sustainability on campus as real-life applications in the classroom.

The ACUPCC formalized CGCC’s leadership commitment to climate issues. Administrative leadership support included the commitment of operational funds to a sustainability budget, the appointment of a Sustainability Coordinator, the incorporation of sustainability into College Strategic Goals, and the adoption of the graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Commitment. Infused into all aspects of college life, CGCC has led the way in climate leadership for our community. We believe that by integrating many small activities in how we learn, how we live, and how we do business we can make a large impact on our community and the future of our environment.

Our Planet Forward video was created by engineering students at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. The team included Austin Staheli, Sean Herring and Zach Hipps; in addition to Elie Chmouni as the faculty adviser. The team had no previous knowledge in marketing, video production, editing or composition but decided to take this challenge and prove that engineers are active learners.