Alamo Community College District

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Since 2002, The Alamo Community College District (ACCD) has partnered with the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL), a division of the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEES) located at Texas A&M University to identify, design, and implement Energy Cost Reduction Measures. This partnership has reduced ACCD’s electricity and natural gas consumption by 16.5% and 41%, respectively. Providing a cumulative savings of approximately $3,950,517, while keeping 37.2 tons of NOx and 33,803 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

ACCD has implemented a district?wide metering program.  Every Alamo College facility is being equipped with metering devices to monitor electrical, gas, thermal, and water usage. This energy management control system will collect and analyze data to help inform energy use decisions and behavior.

Academically, the Alamo Colleges will develop educational programs focusing on renewable energy and a green?skilled workforce.  At the Southwest campus location, a 400kW solar project is under construction. The solar panels will provide electricity for the campus and will be used as part of an educational curriculum to educate and train students in this future technology.  In addition to the solar project, the Mission Verde Center was created to promote economic growth and job creation in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation.  This center was developed through a partnership between the City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Independent School District, San Antonio Youth Centers, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, CPS Energy, and San Antonio Water System.