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What’s in a Name?

One of the hardest things to do before you have a baby is figuring out the name. I’ve had to do it three times and each time it wasn’t easy. Do we go old-school, new-school, trendy, traditional? Maybe just start numbering? Regardless of the process leading up to it, at a certain point you have […]

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It’s Not About You: What the Clean Power Plan reminds us about Leadership

The headlines are bursting with clean energy hope these days. From thePope’s encyclical to the recent release of the White House’s Clean Power Plan, it seems like each morning brings news of a high level initiative that pushes our energy future into areas unthinkable a decade ago. And can we remember 10 years ago? In […]

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Scaling Sustainability Impact

In today’s global society, it’s easy to think our individual impact is so microscopic as to become irrelevant. We are surrounded by systems, institutions, and forces that seem to drive activity beyond anything we could control. Research emerging from the study of cities may be telling a different story and could help inform our sustainability […]

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