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Join the conversation at the Net Zero Forum

The Net Zero Forum is a unique and actionable event designed to accelerate the development and execution of Net Zero strategies. Buyers from large energy customers – including commercial, industrial, institutional (higher education and healthcare), and government – attend as an important step in the journey to reduce the carbon emissions of their organization and […]

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A More Educated Populace as Part of the Climate Solution

Sunday, June 5th, was World Environment Day.  Monday, June 6th, was National Higher Education Day.  You cannot honor and celebrate one of these days, without also celebrating the other, because in order for us to succeed in having a more sustainable and equitable world, we need a livable environment AND an educated global society.    Led […]

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COP26 Notes: End of COP26 Reflections

One of the most anticipated COPs – COP26 – has now been over for a few days.  Our three Second Nature team members who attended in-person: Tim, Steve, and Noa are all back state-side, and are no longer jet lagged!  After giving them some time to reflect on their own COP26 experiences, I followed-up with […]

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COP26 Notes: Second Nature at COP26 – Week One Recap

Three Second Nature team members – Tim Carter (President), Steve Muzzy (Climate Programs Senior Manager), and Noa Dalzell (Climate Policy Associate) – are attending COP26 in-person. To reiterate what we have already said, with less than ten years until 2030 (i.e. potentially the “point of no return”), this may be the most vital COP of […]

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