Aggregated Renewable Energy Procurement


In order for campuses to meet ambitious climate neutrality goals, they must find cost effective ways to decarbonize their energy supply. Traditionally perceived as too expensive, the rapidly declining costs of renewable energy have resulted in the emergence of wind energy being the lowest cost new electricity generation in the U.S., with solar and natural gas swapping places for second depending on the price of natural gas. This market evolution is allowing campuses to make a balanced business case for renewables, while rapidly accelerating their pursuit of climate goals. The key lynchpin is economies of scale. Second Nature and CustomerFirst Renewables are working to aggregate campuses’ electricity demand so that smaller institutions can access the market and larger institutions can diversify their energy portfolio in a financially meaningful way.


CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) is an independent and mission-driven advisor with a vision to be a key catalyst in doubling U.S. renewable electricity usage by 2025. With no ties to any developers or suppliers, CFR is committed to helping customers leverage competition to source renewable energy solutions that reduce cost and risk while accelerating the development of new renewable energy generation. Their role as a trusted advisor lasts well beyond the transaction, with a commitment to ensuring that the solution creates value over its entire term.

CFR has pioneered the aggregate procurement model in the United States. CFR is committed to innovating the industry to increase market access and providing the highest quality service to customers of all sizes.

Other organizations interested in partnering on this initiative should visit contact Michele Madia.


This initiative aims to:

  • Scale known climate solutions between signatory institutions through aggregated purchases of renewable energy
  • Assist institutions in pursuit of the carbon neutrality goals
  • Provide an opportunity for institutions to work together on a project to accomplish goals that they couldn’t do in isolation
  • Demonstrate success and replicability Network-wide
  • Address challenges and opportunities of individual institutions and facilitate conversations with key stakeholders.


  • Interested campuses host workshops facilitated by Second Nature and CustomerFirst Renewables. Other regional campuses that are can attend in person.
  • Institutions participating in the workshops will receive a customized financial model that depicts the economics if they pursued offsite renewable energy on their own and if they aggregate with others.
  • Align the interested campuses around key PPA parameters and work towards issuing an RFP based on that criteria, winnowing down responses to finalists, negotiating the PPA with the finalist, and ensuring that the project meets all key milestones leading to commercial operation following PPA signing.
  • In-depth financial, technical, and risk analysis to build comfort and confidence within and between each organization.

If you campus is interested in hosting a meeting, please contact Michele Madia.