Advancing climate policy, is a crucial component of accelerating climate action.

Public policy can either advance efforts to combat climate change, or hinder them.  In Second Nature’s aim to continue to accelerate climate action by leveraging the strengths of the higher education sector, engaging in advocacy in support of green policy initiatives is an important part of that work.  


Our Advocacy is Focused In Specific Areas:
1. Amplifying the voice of the Higher Education sector on the state, federal, and global levels.

2. Providing higher education institutions with current and updated information on policy initiatives, legislation, and more in relation to climate in their states, at the federal level, and at the global level.   

3. Presenting cross-sector climate advocacy opportunities to the higher education sector through some Second Nature partners.

See below for more information on these specific areas.   For any questions, please contact Amanda Belles

The Latest:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Working Group I released their AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis report.

Advocacy Efforts With Our Partners

Through the many partnerships we have with other organizations, we are able to amplify the higher education sector's voice in many different cross-sector advocacy efforts and initiatives.

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Letters & Initiatives

One way that we're able to leverage the strengths of higher education when it comes to accelerating climate action, is through advocacy letters and other efforts.

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Monthly Policy Updates

The Monthly Policy Updates provide you with more information on climate policy efforts and initiatives in your state (and at the federal and global levels when relevant), and about opportunities for your campus to participate in.

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Global Advocacy

Higher Education's climate leadership expands beyond our own national borders. Which is why we have, and will continue to partner with international climate entities when relevant to amplify the sector's voice on a global level.

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