Please note, applications for Catalyst Grants are closed as of September 8, 2023.

Who from the college or university can serve as a primary applicant? 
Any staff or faculty affiliated with an eligible college or university can apply for funding as the primary applicant.

What types of projects are eligible, and which will be prioritized?
The funding may be used for new projects, existing program expansion, or implementation. The funding should support climate action initiatives. The application is intended to be uncumbersome and broad in order to support a wide variety of initiatives. Proposals should explicitly state how the project will advance decarbonization, resilience, and/or climate justice goals. 

Priority will be placed on funding proposals that clearly articulate how the work advances principles of climate justice and equity. Further emphasis will be placed upon new applicants and colleges/universities with more modest endowments and those that have traditionally been underfunded. 

Can my campus submit a proposal that includes a collaborating organization?
Yes! We encourage collaborative proposals and partner organizations are broadly defined, and may include community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, city agencies, non-profit organizations, or departmental collaborations.

How will my proposal be reviewed? 
Proposals will be evaluated by a Review Committee comprising previous Acceleration Fund recipients, campus representatives and Second Nature staff. 

The criteria for review are

  • Clear articulation of project description including who would be impacted by the funding and what stakeholders are involved
  • How the project incorporates principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice 
  • Clear articulation of how the project leverages applicants’ existing and ongoing climate action activities 
  • Clear articulation of how your campus is investing in this project with matching support, resources, or other contributions 
  • A brief budget justification 

Are indirect costs allowed in the budget? 
Yes! Indirect costs up to 10% may be included in the budget. 

Can the proposal requesting funding be part of a larger project? 
Yes! You can use Catalyst Grants to support components of a larger project or initiative. 

Still have questions? Please contact Joelle Geisler-Haley.