The Role of Higher Ed in Advancing Carbon Pricing Policy

A Resource for University Climate Leaders

The current climate crisis requires immediate action in order to avoid what current best-practice science predicts to be dangerous global consequences. The Higher Education sector has a unique opportunity to model and facilitate climate action, specifically carbon pricing, on multiple scales from internally to internationally. 

Given the large budgets and populations of universities, internal emissions reduction can contribute significantly to regional emissions reductions, and can inspire other sectors by example. Other avenues for which Universities may advance carbon pricing include the institutions’ powers of organizing, convening, research, coalition building, investing and educating. Internal carbon pricing creates an incentive structure within which universities can find the most cost-efficient avenues to reduce their emissions.

This resource discusses the role of carbon pricing and complementary policies in delivering on aggressive emissions reductions goals within the Higher Education sector, and opportunities for the sector to advance carbon pricing policy regionally, nationally, and internationally. Also discussed are the current status and challenges for carbon pricing initiatives at the aforementioned levels.