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Off-Site Renewable Energy in Competitive Power Market States: “Retail Choice” enables the delivery of least-cost renewables

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Electricity customers in 17 states are able to choose who they buy their electricity supply from. This “retail choice” has become important as campuses look to fulfill their sustainability goals through clean energy supply. Whereas buying off-site renewable energy from your incumbent utility would require the development of a Green Tariff in a vertically-integrated market, […]

Data Center Efficiency 101: What Sustainability Managers Should Know

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This non-technical presentation on data center energy efficiency will: 1) Explain savings opportunities in an easy-to-understand manner; 2) Empower anyone to spot ways to reduce energy costs in a data center or server room; and 3) Describe free resources you can tap for further assistance. In partnership with ENERGY STAR and AlterAction.

Carbon Management & Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

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Planning for Mitigation Reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most critical responses to climate change, which is why it plays a central role in implementing the Carbon and Climate Commitments. The direct reductions of on-campus emissions is often a tangible and highly successful demonstration of sustainability policy; something to bring […]

Colorado College achieves decade-long goal of carbon neutrality

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By Debbie Kelley [email protected] Jan 22, 2020 Updated Jan 28, 2020 Solar panels are on many rooftops on the Colorado College campus, including these on the student center, contributing to the campus reaching a goal of carbon neutrality. Debbie Kelley/The Gazette Flip the calendar back to 2007, when Colorado College sophomore David Amster-Olszewski circulated a petition that […]