Climate Education Now: Preparation for the Future

Growing up, the concept of anything related to environmental science, climate change, and global warming were things I didn’t hear much about at school or on any social media platforms. But all that changed during my senior year of high school when I took an AP Environmental Science class that opened my eyes to how the environment was being impacted. And how its change would affect the human population and how it could affect different people based on specific social and economic factors. More specifically, I was really interested in the sections on climate policy and climate action. After just a few months of taking this class, I knew it was something I wanted to continue learning about and make a career out of. 

I am incredibly fortunate enough to be earning an Environmental Science and Sustainability degree from Allegheny College, which has one of the top ES programs in the country. Still, I am even more fortunate to be surrounded by professors who not only love their jobs but are also passionate about what they are teaching. Learning at Allegheny has given me greater insight into how our environment is being affected and the steps we can take to better the planet. Not only do the professors teach and inspire, but they also care about their students’ successes and career goals. 

I didn’t know much about Second Nature and its goals as an organization. Still, because of recommendations from my professors, I was informed about the opportunity to become an intern at Second Nature over the summer.  Second Nature employees are much like professors at Allegheny. They are passionate about their cause but are also able to help organizations, specifically colleges and universities, reach their climate goals. During my time here, I have been able to read climate action plans and resilient plans from different universities across the country. I have also been able to look into some DEIAJ-related items. Hopefully, during the duration of my internship, I will be able to do some hands-on work with climate policy-related items.  

Throughout this summer, I have been preparing for my LSAT exam. And while I have had to complete my work for Second Nature, I have also been fitting in the time studying for my exam. The Second Nature team, those who know about my plans, have been encouraging me and helping me reach my goal by trying to intertwine my Second Nature work with things that would help me hone in on skills that would help me in my future career path. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan on continuing my environmental education and attend law school and focus on becoming an environmental lawyer. I am looking forward to what my future has in store, but I know I will be a bit more prepared for it because of the work and skills I am learning here at Second Nature.