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Sponsors: How to Set-up Your Virtual Booth


Send us up to 6 email addresses who can be registered in association with your booth. Your booth will be created for you, but it is up to you/r team on how to optimize your booth.

How to set up booths in Airmeet – Click Here (start reading at Booth Set Up)

Please note you can add pictures, resources, PDFs, and links to your booth. Add resources to the booth so that the prospects can have access to the extra information about your organization and/or the products or services exhibited. The resources link will be hyperlinked to the booth. You can only add up to five resources in a single booth.

Best practices: we recommend following the specification guidance to ensure your graphics and resources display nicely. You can “preview” your booth in Airmeet.

Staffing your tables: You and your team can determine how often you’d like to staff your booth during the Summit. There will be specific times during the conferences where attendees are encourages to visit exhibitors. In addition to this, sponsors can announce times they will be available at their booths. At any time throughout the conference participants can visit the booth and click “I’m interested.”

Emails connected through the “I’m interested” button will be compiled and sent to Second Nature in the form of event analytics and will be shared with the sponsor at the end of the conference.

Using the meet-up tables: Attendees can also join sponsors at tables in the lounge or in the sponsored booth. Your virtual booth can contain multiple tables – you can determine if you’d like one general table or multiple for different topics available at your booth.

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Information Credit: Airmeet