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Speakers: Best Practices & Troubleshooting


We want to help ensure that being a 2022 Summit Speaker is a wonderful experience!  Please make sure to take a few moments sometime prior to your session to read through the tips and best practices below.  Help us, help you, make your session a success! 

Tips/Tricks/Best Practices

Ways to Make Your Airmeet Session Experience Flawless: 
– Have a stable internet connection. 
 – Be in a noise-free environment with no distractions. 
 – It is recommended that you use a laptop/desktop with a Chrome browser.  Note: there is an IPad Airmeet app that you can also use, however, it has limited access to some of the areas of the Summit event. 
 – You may want to use an external and good headset with a mic (but completely optional!) as they sometimes tend to have better sound quality. 
 – Make sure that you have enabled your mic and video when joining “backstage”. 
 – Close out of other websites that are open and not needed. 

Supported Browsers:
 – Chrome version >= 79 (recommended)
 – MS edge all version
 – Firefox (version >= 76)
 – Brave Browser
 – Safari (but only allows limited access and has a compatibility issue)


 – Caching: if you tend to have issues with caching, restart your browser prior to the session to try and prevent this.

 – No visual: if you aren’t able to view your fellow speakers or the host/moderator or their feed once you’re on, try refreshing your page or restart your browser, and it’s recommended to close out of any other conferencing tool you may have used recently. 

 – Video and/or Mic not working: Try turning both off and then back on.  If that doesn’t work, we recommend restarting your browser and logging back in.

Need Live Support? Airmeet provides three options:
1. Airmeet Chat Support
2. 24/7 Support Lounge
3. Knowledge Hub

Additionally, before or during the 2022 Summit, if you ever need technical assistance, look for and click on the “?” icon in the bottom right-side of your screen.

Videos, Images, and Text Credit: Airmeet