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Speakers: How to Join Airmeet

Speaker Overview

Every speaker will get a unique link to join your session and for dry runs. The speaker will get direct access to the event as every detail on the speaker card (a “card” pre-filled by Second Nature/IEN with details, and it generates a unique speaker’s link – which will then be provided to you!). 

How to Join Airmeet for Your Session

1. Once you have received the email from Second Nature/IEN with the invitation link to join Airmeet, click on the link to then “enter” the event.

2. Once you have entered the event using this unique speaker link, provide permissions for your camera and microphone to be accessed.  

3. Once you have entered the event, you and your fellow speakers for the session can “meet” backstage 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. 

 – The speaker link you are provided is unique to YOU.  If you allow someone else to use it to enter the event, they will be doing so as you. 
 – You will not be required to “sign-in” as long as you click on the unique speaker’s link provided to you.  

How to Join Backstage (Schedule Tab) for your Session

1. Once you are logged into the event, click on the “Schedule” icon and you will then see the Summit agenda. 

2. Look for the session that you are speaking in, and there will be a “Go Backstage” button on your session. 

3. Once you are backstage, you will be able to test your sound, video, etc.  Once you and the other speakers are good to go and it’s time for the session to begin, the Summit host will start the session!

 – Once you are backstage for your session, you will be able to interact with the other speakers for your session as well. 
 – Once the host begins the session, there will be a 10 second countdown before you are “live”. 

Videos, Images, and Text Credit: Airmeet