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Speakers: During the Session Best Practices

Time for the Session to Begin!

Once the session starts, you can present your content.

 – Speakers are always visible to all event participants unless you turn your camera off.  There will be buttons at the bottom of your screen to be able to control your video, audio, and to be able to screen-share. 

 – All messages, questions, etc posted during the session by attendees will be visible to you.  You will also be able to see if an attendee “raises their hand”; the host/moderator will be in charge of accepting or dismissing the questions.  If a question is accepted, the attendee will “share the stage” with the speakers.  

The ‘Q&A’ icon on the right-hand side of your screen lists all the questions asked by the attendees.  The ‘Chat’ icon on the right-hand side of your screen lists common chats initiated by the attendees.  

 – If you need to leave the session for some reason, as a speaker you are able to do so, and then join back in.  However, after joining back in, you are in hidden mode until the host/moderator unhides you. 

 – If it is a longer session, the host/moderator may choose to have an opportunity for a break.  When that happens, you and all of the session attendees could go to the “social lounge” or “booths section” (all part of the Airmeet platform).  If the host/moderator does plan to offer a break during the session, they should let you know ahead of time for planning purposes.  

How to Screen-Share During the Session 

Session hosts/moderators and speakers will be able to share their screens during the session.  Here’s how: 

1. Look for and click on the upward arrow button, and choose from the following screen-share options: 
     a) Share your entire screen
     b) Share your application window
     c) Share your chrome tab

2. Then click on the window in the middle (see below for a visual tutorial), and then the blue “share” button. 

3. To share a document and/or a PowerPoint file (after doing the above steps), go to the document/Powerpoint file (opened already).  You will NOT be able to see the Airmeet screen nor the features such as the chat box, while sharing your screen.  However, the session attendees will be able to see what you are presenting. 

 – If there is an audio component of your content, you will also need to find and click on the “share audio” clickbox which will be located on the right-side corner of the share screen dialog box.  
 – For MAC users only: you won’t see the “share audio” option while sharing your screen, so in order to share audio, you would need to select the Google Chrome tab.

How to Stop Screen-Sharing

Look for and click on the same “Share Screen” button that you used to begin sharing your screen that now appears as an “X”.   

End of the Session

The host/moderator will close-out the session, and “pull the curtain” on the “stage”.  Great job, and thank you for being one of our 2022 Summit Speakers!

Videos, Images, and Text Credit: Airmeet