Corporate Partner Profiles: Metrus Energy


(This post is part of a series about Second Nature Corporate Partners and what we do together)

Creative partnerships allow Second Nature to introduce and disseminate solutions to the Climate Leadership Network widely and effectively. To support and advance the work of the institutions in the Network, Second Nature works with organizations and firms at the leading edge of solutions. We base our corporate partnerships on transparency and mutual benefit, with the best interests of our community in mind to ensure our partnerships are transformational and successful, not merely transactional.

Name of Company: Metrus Energy


Company Description and Sustainability Profile:

Metrus Energy, a leader in energy efficiency financing, has been transforming buildings throughout the U.S. since 2009.

The San Francisco-based company has developed and financed a wide range of energy efficiency-as-a-service projects for its customers, including high efficiency lighting, energy management and controls systems, HVAC equipment upgrades and replacements, motors and pumps, continuous commissioning programs and water efficiencies.

Metrus pioneered the Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA) structure, which has expanded the efficiency market by treating energy efficiency as a resource.

Through its comprehensive financing solutions, Metrus pays for all upfront and ongoing project costs, removing initial investment as a barrier and providing facilities with the immediate financial, operational and environmental benefits of impactful energy and water efficiency measures.

Metrus works in all key segments of the U.S. economy and international markets, including: Industrial and manufacturing, commercial, aerospace and defense, healthcare systems and hospitals, e-commerce and higher education. To date, they have financed projects in 21 different states generating more than one billion of kWh savings for its customers and reducing 833,000 tons of CO2.

Partnership Focus:

Metrus brings a collaborative mindset to its partnership with Second Nature. By offering a flexible financing solution to Second Nature’s partners, Metrus will continue to expand the overall energy efficiency market. The company’s agnostic, easy-to-adapt implementation model can be used by a variety of different technologies and contractors and is well suited for campus-wide efficiency upgrades.

Partner Voices:

Metrus believes strongly in Second Nature’s mission to fight climate change and is excited to be a resource partner for the organization. In the fall of 2018, we undertook our first on-campus project, signing an efficiency-as-a-service deal with Wells College, a leader in higher education sustainability (and Second Nature member).

Through our involvement with We Are Still In as well as the Better Buildings Challenge, Metrus is seeing first-hand the leadership and strategic importance of universities, non-profits, NGOs and businesses in protecting the environment. Additionally, we have seen the critical role being played by financing to accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency across large commercial & industrial customers. We look forward to working with Second Nature and its partners to continue the fight against climate change.