The Summit was an excellent opportunity to build stronger relationships across institutions and sectors. Perhaps similar to other people who often work remotely; I value these in person experiences and conversations. Participants from the climate leadership network are often rooted deeply in their place based settings, interacting with their diverse constituencies across campus and community. The summit brought a reminder how our lives and organizational efforts are very impacted by our unique environments and but also how despite these differences we have many similarities and should strive to collaborate even more.

A panel I participated in highlighted the community work in an urban LA  neighborhood facing drought and earthquakes, forested rural northern Arizona fighting wildfires, and the Virgin Islands which is currently rebuilding following devastating hurricanes. These stories could have left the audience depressed; but we came out energized hearing about community collaboration, relentless curiosity to discover solutions, and resilience in the face of challenges. Next year I hope to include more of this resilience vision in the network update.