Corporate Partner Profiles: GreenerU

(This post is part of a series about Second Nature Corporate Partners and what we do together)

Creative partnerships allow Second Nature to introduce and disseminate solutions to the Climate Leadership Network widely and effectively. To support and advance the work of the institutions in the Network, Second Nature works with organizations and firms at the leading edge of solutions. We base our corporate partnerships on transparency and mutual benefit, with the best interests of our community in mind to ensure our partnerships are transformational and successful, not merely transactional.

Name of Company: GreenerU


Company Description and Sustainability Profile:

GreenerU is a mission driven company that collaborates with colleges and universities to implement turnkey solutions to energy challenges. Their unique approach integrates building system improvements with behavioral programs in a way that is customized for each campus. GreenerU prides itself on helping clients overcome a variety of barriers, going beyond analyzing and planning, to deliver desired outcomes.

GreenerU’s energy efficiency work is grounded in the integration of building system improvements and stakeholder engagement. They combine extensive technical expertise, excellent project management skills and a deep understanding of behavior theory to deliver best-in-class results from integrated energy programs. It is this integrated approach along with their diligent attention to clients’ needs and priorities and their track record of delivering impressive results that has enabled them to maintain long-term collaborative relationships with numerous colleges and universities.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of GreenerU. The company’s missions statement reads: “GreenerU believes colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to lead the world in mitigating climate change and accelerating sustainability… Our mission is to help them.”

Much of GreenerU’s efforts focus on the yeoman’s work of reducing on campus energy use – work that often hides in the shadows of flashier renewable energy projects and LEED buildings but is frequently more impactful. The company works with its clients to use energy efficiency and other sustainability efforts as tools to communicate the institution’s’ values, especially to students.

Partnership Focus:

Second Nature and GreenerU’s partnership will be focused on helping institutions advance their greenhouse gas mitigation strategies. GreenerU’s expertise in delivering effective energy reduction programs that align with multiple institutional priorities supports Second Nature’s goal of providing resources to support signatories in meeting the three Climate Leadership Commitments. We will work with campuses to develop effective strategies for each institution’s unique circumstances, execute those strategies, and achieve results.

Partner Voices: Why do you want to work with Second Nature and the Climate Leadership Network?

A partnership between Second Nature and GreenerU makes obvious sense because of the shared mission of the two organizations. As “Second Nature strives to help build a sustainable and positive global future through leadership networks in higher education,” GreenerU aims to help those institutions by delivering impactful programs that drive toward the institutions’ sustainability goals.

Together, GreenerU and Second Nature can do more to help colleges and universities expand and deepen their leadership in the battle against climate change than they can do separately. We look forward to doing more together.