Corporate Partner Profiles: Optimum Energy LLC

(This post is part of a series about Second Nature Corporate Partners and what we do together)

Creative partnerships allow Second Nature to introduce and disseminate solutions to the Climate Leadership Network widely and effectively. To support and advance the work of the institutions in the Network, Second Nature works with organizations and firms at the leading edge of solutions. We base our corporate partnerships on transparency and mutual benefit, with the best interests of our community in mind to ensure our partnerships are transformational and successful, not merely transactional.


Company Description and Sustainability Profile:

Optimum Energy software and engineering expertise help customers reduce energy use in heating and cooling systems, which are the largest consumer of energy in buildings. Their software is being utilized in hospitals, data centers, universities, and commercial office buildings.

Since 2005, Optimum Energy has helped customers in higher education, healthcare, and other industries significantly reduce HVAC energy use, delivering typical energy savings of 30 percent, improved operating efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions. The OptiCx™ platform combines technologically advanced HVAC optimization software with world-class expertise in system design and operations. It has saved customers more than 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, 288,000 tons of carbon emissions, and over 100 million gallons of water to date.

Partnership Focus:

Optimum Energy’s focus with Second Nature will be on helping signatory institutions learn more about the opportunity for savings with HVAC systems, which can account for as much as 50% of a building’s total energy use, making HVAC one of the largest contributors to campus carbon footprints. Software-based HVAC optimization provides automated control that can help colleges and universities dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, bring new levels of transparency into facility operations, and deliver impressive financial savings.

Partner Voices: Why do you want to work with Second Nature and the Climate Leadership Network?

Optimum Energy recognizes the leadership role that Second Nature has taken in getting its signatory institutions to make meaningful commitments to fight climate change. As a leader in energy efficiency software for HVAC systems in the higher education sector, Optimum Energy realizes how difficult it can be for higher education institutions to go beyond just rhetoric, and supports Second Nature and the Climate Leadership Network in helping colleges and universities around the country take concrete action to reduce their impact on the environment, in whatever form that takes.

In the past 10 years, Optimum Energy has helped UT Austin, Columbia University, and other colleges and universities across the country reduce their carbon footprint, dramatically decrease their water usage and save on their electricity bills through advanced software and expert engineering services. Optimum Energy is excited to leverage this experience and success to help Second Nature signatories take action and get closer to reaching their sustainability and resilience goals.