Earth Day is around the corner! Are you looking for ways to celebrate? Here are some ideas from New England signatories that are celebrating Earth Day 2016:

1. Organize a Panel

As part of Earth Days 2016, Salem State University is hosting a panel on carbon pricing. Earth Day is a great time to get the conversation started on your campus. Need an idea? Consider a dialogue on what the Climate Leadership Commitments mean to your school. Celebrate the progress you have made and discuss next steps.

2. Tour Energy Facilities

Do you have any renewable energy or efficiency projects on campus? Take students and staff on a tour so they can learn where the energy used on campus is generated and how this relates to GHG emissions. During its Earth Week celebration Clark University offers tours of SolarFlair, a local solar energy farm that provides the school with a portion of its electricity. Clark also offers tours of the on-campus Cogeneration Plant.

UMass-Earth-Day-Scavenger-Hunt3. Play a Sustainability Game

Find a creative and fun way to engage the campus community in sustainability at your school. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is hosting an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. This is a great way to highlight different initiatives all over campus.

4. Compete to Conserve

From March 28 to April 18, Colby College students are participating in a Dorm Electricity Competition to reduce energy use. Daily results are posted; Colby has already saved over 2,000 kWh of electricity! Students learn how their behavior impacts electricity consumption. Relate this to your school’s emission reduction targets and climate action plan.

5. Too many ideas? Celebrate Earth Month

There is no need to limit celebrations to the week of April 22nd. Hampshire College is dedicating Earth Month 2016 to events and activities addressing a wide range of environmental and sustainability-related issues. It is worth considering an Earth Month at your school next year.

Do you have any events planned on your campus or other great ideas? Please let us know about them!

Photo credit: Top photo courtesy of Clark University