If you attended our June 16 webinar*, you already know that computer networks and data centers present numerous opportunities to reduce energy costs. For example, configuring computers to automatically drop into a low power “sleep mode” when inactive saves $10-100 per computer annually, according to Energy Star. However, it can be very challenging for sustainability professionals with no background in IT management to advocate for changes within their IT organization.

That’s why we want to remind you about the Energy Star Low Carbon IT Campaign, a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consumed by their IT equipment. The Campaign provides free phone consultations for sustainability managers contemplating IT energy efficiency measures. Energy Star’s technical experts answer questions, address concerns, and save your IT colleagues hours of work researching and testing solutions. (Don’t worry, these aren’t sales calls: all experts are vendor-neutral and paid by Energy Star.)

*If you missed our June 16 webinar, view it here: IT Energy Savings For Non-Techies: Identifying and understanding opportunities to reduce costs