Behind the Rebranding of Second Nature

Early in 2015 Second Nature approached Studio Science with a unique opportunity. For years they had been publishing lengthy printed annual reports, detailing the previous years activities and accomplishments. This year they wanted to try something new and create a digital, interactive annual report. Studio Science was proud to have worked closely with Second Nature to release the 2014 Second Nature Annual Report.

We were then invited to take on the challenge of assisting with Second Nature’s continued evolution by redesigning their brand. Being an organization dedicated to promoting sustainability with institutions of higher education, we knew that the new Second Nature brand needed to speak to both college and university leaders as well as students. We also felt the identity should evoke the principles of climate and sustainability, but we wanted to avoid the common cliches you find in logos for environmental or nature related organizations.

Along with Second Nature we were drawn towards a more elemental representation of climate and nature. Initial concepts centered around the ideas of webs, fractals, and the building blocks of nature. The final logo is an S shape, formed by joining the positive and negative space of an abstract cube. It’s a strong yet simple mark presented, intentionally, in a color not often associated with environmentally focused organizations.

Though the logo was inspired by and conceived in the spirit of climate and sustainability, Second Nature will impart real meaning into the new logo as they pursue their mission of building a sustainable and positive global future. A logo takes on value and meaning over time, reflecting the sum of the interactions, experiences and value created by the people and business it represents. Our job as a design partner was to create a mark that has the capacity to grow into all that Second Nature will do for sustainability.

About Studio Science

Studio Science is a design and innovation consultancy. We help business-focused brands transform ambitious ideas into digital products and services, inspiring employees and building meaningful connections with customers.

We believe the work we do as a design and innovation consultancy is about more than surface aesthetics. The brand is the product. The product is the experience. The experience is the brand — all delivered as an indivisible combination of purpose, substance and function.