William Paterson University: An Array of Sustainable Initiatives

By James Shelley, Assistant Director of Facilities, William Paterson University

(This article appears in the May, 2012 issue of The ACUPCC Implementer)

William Paterson University is proud to provide a positive example of climate leadership for our 11,500 students while leading by example for our surrounding community. The University’s campus-wide solar panel installation is a dramatic and visible sign of our commitment, ranking among the top ten largest installations in the United States. William Paterson has integrated sustainability across the curriculum, with a new bachelor’s degree in environmental sustainability. The degree unites tangible study and research, and includes courses in environmental science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, law, political science, and economics. Graduates will be prepared with the interdisciplinary skills needed for careers in sustainability across multiple job sectors. In creating our video, we took a student-focused “day in the life” format as a creative and artistic way to highlight many of our efforts and activities in sustainability.