Makaylah Respicio

Climate Programs Intern

Makaylah is the Climate Programs Intern at Second Nature. Originally from Los Angeles, she is set to receive her B.S. in Biology and Urban Studies from Tufts University in Boston in 2018.

Her experience is in management of environmental programs and sustainability planning. Her work spans both the private and public sectors. She has interned at the Port of Long Beach Environmental Planning Division where she spearheaded the Long Beach: We are Energy Efficient program – a program designed to promote young peoples’ investment in energy efficiency. Additionally, she has contributed to research on the mental health effects of architectural elements at the Tufts’ Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning.

Her interests lie specifically in intersectional sustainability, particularly the relationships between environmental health and racial and socioeconomic divisions. Her goal is to make sustainability more accessible to more diverse audiences to support a more holistic understanding of human-environmental health and to generate channels for collaboration in creating sustainable communities.