Aviva Gersovitch

Climate Programs Intern

Aviva Gersovitch is the Climate Programs Intern focused on resilience at Second Nature. She joined the team for the summer in May 2017. She grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, and attended undergrad at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where she will return in the fall to complete her Masters degrees in Social Work and Nonprofit Management.

Aviva fell into environmental work during college after attending a beach cleanup with her school’s environmental group, the Student Sustainability Council. She became increasingly involved, eventually helping lead the group as one of the co-vice chairs. She studied Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Biology in college, seeking to learn about how to enact behavior change to shift the way people relate to and interact with the environment. She has been involved in many environmental organizations including the Sierra Club, NextGen Climate, the Midwest Youth Climate Convergence, Food&Water Watch, and the grassroots environmental training program, SPROG.  She is deeply passionate about the intersections of social and environmental justice, and strives to advocate for both human and animal rights.

She feels that the most meaningful societal change is often started from the bottom-up. Therefore, she has been drawn to the nonprofit sector and especially mission-driven environmental work. She believes in the power of connecting to increase impact, and is excited to align her enthusiasm with Second Nature’s vision.