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How to Develop a Carbon Credit Project for your College or University

December 6, 2016

Your school can take advantage of carbon markets to generate revenue as you work to reduce your carbon footprint. This webinar will help you understand the steps involved in developing a carbon-credit-funding opportunity through the Voluntary Carbon Market; including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) protocols for the third-party validation and verification. You will learn about data requirements, costs, timelines, and how the credit transactions can fit into your carbon neutral funding strategies. Presented in partnership with Ball State University and SCS Global Services.

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Community Resilience Building: Getting on the right path early and often

October 27, 2016

The need to build community resilience to hazards is strikingly evident. As a response to this ever increasing need, Community Resilience Building was created. The CRB Workshops employ a community-driven process where participants identify top hazards, current challenges, strengths, and priority actions to improve resilience to all natural and climate-related hazards today, and in the future for their communities and beyond. This webinar, brought to you in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, will help you better understand the process and assess the applicability to your own communities goals.

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Peer Reviewed and Innovative Carbon Offsets

October 18, 2016

Second Nature, with the help of signatory institutions, recently updated their carbon offsets guidance– a resource that helps campuses understand how offsets can play a role in meeting their climate goals. The updated guidance discusses the role of peer reviewed and innovative carbon offsets. This webinar will review these two new categories of offsets and introduce a new offset verification network that will work to develop an overarching peer review framework for higher education offset projects.

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Solar University Network: Innovation in Solar Energy Finance & Development

September 22, 2016

Hosted in partnership with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), this webinar will focus on four case studies highlighting higher education investment in solar energy projects. Featuring representatives from the colleges and universities highlighted in the case studies, participants will learn about financial investment models and lessons learned from working on solar energy projects with higher education institutions through the Solar Market Pathways grant.

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