Upcoming Webinars:

Pathways to Develop Peer Reviewed or Innovative Carbon Offset Projects
May 22, 2018, 2:00-3:00 p.m. (EDT)

The Offset Network and Second Nature are working together to support creative and novel carbon reduction projects implemented within higher education. The Offset Network provides resources, project examples, and a framework for colleges and universities to generate their own carbon offsets. Join this webinar to learn about the pathways for creating Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets that qualify for GHG reporting requirements of both Second Nature’s Carbon and Climate Commitments and AASHE Stars. This includes the process for creating new or modified project protocols, peer-institution verification in place of costly 3rd party accredited verification, and resources for building project documentation. The webinar will walk through the newly updated Offset Network platform, the formalized peer verification process, and resources available to project developers. Attendees will also learn how Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets fit into the context of existing carbon markets and seek to address key barriers preventing medium and small-scale projects from being implemented. 


Archived Webinars:

We Are Still In – Higher Ed Edition

August 22, 2017

With waning federal support of climate research, climate solutions, and climate leadership, the higher education sector has stepped into a new climate action role through an emerging subnational coalition called We Are Still In (WASI). This coalition has aligned around the climate action goals articulated in the Paris Agreement and as subnational actors, have committed to support these goals together. All signatories in the Climate Leadership Network have ambitious climate goals – carbon neutrality – and will play a central role in implementation of the next stage of development for WASI. 

FutureU: Making Choices Today to Ensure Success Tomorrow

July 18, 2017

Hastily constructed buildings. We’ve all been in them. Built quickly during eras of historical growth, no one could ever get a handle on their clunky radiators or leaky windows. And now, 50 years later, we’re saying, “Why didn’t they think about how this was going to work down the road?”

This webinar is designed for facilities directors, energy managers, sustainability directors, and finance officers at colleges and universities to help get a handle on complex decision-making processes regarding major efficiency upgrades and new construction projects on campuses. We’ll help you think through who your stakeholders are and what questions you should be asking, and help you develop a lexicon for developing consensus among your colleagues around broader goals.


Advancing a Community Resilience Building Workshop: Eastern Connecticut State University and Windham, CT

June 6, 2017

In March of 2017, Eastern Connecticut State University hosted a Community Resilience Building Workshop in partnership with the Town of Windham, Second Nature, and the Nature Conservancy. Presenters will discuss the insights and outcomes gained through the partnership and how the Community Resilience Building Workshop framework can be applied to additional campus-community resilience assessments.

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Solutions and Resources for University Renewable Energy Procurement

May 18, 2017

Second Nature partnered with the Rocky Mountain Institute to provide signatories of the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments with complimentary access to the Business Renewables Center (BRC) in order to streamline and facilitate renewable energy procurement. By becoming members in the BRC, signatories will greatly benefit from existing technical resources and can explore additional solutions with the BRC at their discretion. In this webinar representatives from Second Nature and the BRC give participants a behind-the-scenes look at the tools and resources available through this partnership. Presenters will also walk participants through the process of joining and answers questions.

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