Upcoming Webinars:


Purchasing Carbon Offsets 101

Thur, January 25, 2:00 – 3:00 ET

Join this webinar for an introduction to purchasing carbon offsets through the voluntary carbon market. The webinar will cover how schools can use verified carbon offsets to meet emissions reduction targets under the Climate Leadership Commitments, and the basics of how the voluntary carbon market works. Presenters will also provide guidance for buying offsets, considerations when evaluating projects such as ways to increase local impact and project-related academic opportunities, and examples from schools that have recently completed offset purchases. 

Archived Webinars:

Crossing Sector Series: What Can Higher Ed Learn from Corporate Renewable Strategies – Takeaways from the 2017 REBA Conference

October 31, 2017

In late September, 400 energy buyers, service providers, developers, financiers, NGOs, and utilities convened to identify opportunities to accelerate procurement of renewable energy at the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Alliance (REBA) Conference. At this 4th annual event, energy buyers were asking questions that many of you may be facing on campus today, including how to get to carbon neutrality, what is the difference between a busbar and hub-settled off-site transaction, and what internal approvals are needed for a long-term Power Purchase Agreement? 


Greenhouse Gas Inventories: SIMAP a new Partnership with UNH

October 4, 2017

The University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) newly released Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform (SIMAP) provides a simple and comprehensive online tool for measuring and reporting a campus’ carbon footprint. This webinar will introduce you to the SIMAP’s features, including how users of the Campus Carbon Calculator and Carbon Map can transfer data to the new tool.

We Are Still In – Higher Ed Edition

August 22, 2017

With waning federal support of climate research, climate solutions, and climate leadership, the higher education sector has stepped into a new climate action role through an emerging subnational coalition called We Are Still In (WASI). This coalition has aligned around the climate action goals articulated in the Paris Agreement and as subnational actors, have committed to support these goals together. All signatories in the Climate Leadership Network have ambitious climate goals – carbon neutrality – and will play a central role in implementation of the next stage of development for WASI. 

FutureU: Making Choices Today to Ensure Success Tomorrow

July 18, 2017

Hastily constructed buildings. We’ve all been in them. Built quickly during eras of historical growth, no one could ever get a handle on their clunky radiators or leaky windows. And now, 50 years later, we’re saying, “Why didn’t they think about how this was going to work down the road?”

This webinar is designed for facilities directors, energy managers, sustainability directors, and finance officers at colleges and universities to help get a handle on complex decision-making processes regarding major efficiency upgrades and new construction projects on campuses. We’ll help you think through who your stakeholders are and what questions you should be asking, and help you develop a lexicon for developing consensus among your colleagues around broader goals.