Upcoming Webinars:

Pathways to Develop Peer Reviewed or Innovative Carbon Offset Projects
May 22, 2018, 2:00-3:00 p.m. (EDT)

The Offset Network and Second Nature are working together to support creative and novel carbon reduction projects implemented within higher education. The Offset Network provides resources, project examples, and a framework for colleges and universities to generate their own carbon offsets. Join this webinar to learn about the pathways for creating Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets that qualify for GHG reporting requirements of both Second Nature’s Carbon and Climate Commitments and AASHE Stars. This includes the process for creating new or modified project protocols, peer-institution verification in place of costly 3rd party accredited verification, and resources for building project documentation. The webinar will walk through the newly updated Offset Network platform, the formalized peer verification process, and resources available to project developers. Attendees will also learn how Innovative or Peer Reviewed carbon offsets fit into the context of existing carbon markets and seek to address key barriers preventing medium and small-scale projects from being implemented. 


Archived Webinars:

Smart Adaptation: How Micro Grids Can Aid in Campus Disaster Planning and Energy Management

May 14, 2013

The impacts of climate change on campus operations can no longer be ignored – campuses must ensure their energy and operational systems can survive and thrive in a changing climate. Micro Grid experts agree that power outages from extreme events can be mitigated if the nation’s electrical infrastructure is made “smart.”  This webinar will discuss Energy Reliability and how solutions such as a Micro Grid will lessen the impact of future blackouts.

Procuring Wind Power Via Long-term Power Purchase Agreements: Experiences of Three Universities

April 9, 2013

To date, the majority of colleges purchasing wind power have been through short-term contracts (1 – 3 years) for utility products or renewable energy certificates (RECs). Only recently have a few purchased wind via long-term (10+ years) PPAs. This webinar will use the experiences of The Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Oklahoma to explore long-term green power contracts, and questions & issues that schools investigating this option should consider. For a recording of this webinar, please visit EPA

Climate Studies for Minority-Serving Institutions: An Overview of Opportunities with AMS & Second Nature

February 5, 2013

Second Nature is partnering with the American Meteorological Society (AMS) to promote the importance of basic climate science education at all colleges and universities. Join us for a webinar overview of the opportunities offered by the AMS Climate Studies Diversity Project to minority-serving institutions (MSIs) nationwide.

Third-Party Financing of Solar on College and University Campuses

December 13, 2012

Third-party financing, generally through a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA), enables institutions to host a solar system without up front capital costs. This webcast will review the third-party financing models, discuss best practices and common questions, and a case study of how one university used a PPA to install more than 2,150 solar photovoltaic panels across six campus buildings resulting in the largest solar power system in the District of Columbia.