2018 Climate Leadership Sit-Downs

Starting in February 2018, Second Nature will release new videos of one-on-one interviews conducted during the 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit. The interviews, feature sustainability leaders from higher education, as well as private sector organizations that work closely with institutions in other sectors to achieve their climate goals.

Interviewees sat down with Andrea Smith, Communications Manager, Second Nature, during the 2018 Higher Education Climate Leadership Summit, hosted from February 4-6, 2018 in Tempe, AZ.


Guidance Videos

New Second Nature Reporting Platform Walkthrough
January 6, 2017

This short guidance video goes over how to navigate the new Second Nature Reporting Platform, including:

  • How the public can engage with the data
  • How signatories can engage with the data
  • What’s included in the Annual Progress Evaluation
  • How to manage your users and contacts

Video | New Reporting Platform

Implementation Structures for Resilience
August 11, 2016

This video walks viewers through tips on the first year of implementation and reporting for the Climate Commitment or the Resilience Commitment, including information on:

  • Resilience Commitment requirements & timeline
  • Resources to support organizing a Campus-Community Task Force
  • Key sections of the Sustainability & Climate Action Planning Guide
  • Preview: Resilience Planning & Implementation Framework
  • What will the Task Force work on during the 2nd year of implementation?

Video | Slides

Sustainability Sitdowns

Starting in January 2015, Second Nature released a new video series titled Sustainability Sit-Downs. The series, which consists of 12 interviews, features sustainability leaders from higher education, as well as non-profit and private sector organizations that work closely with colleges and universities.

Interviewees sat down with Second Nature’s Gabriela Boscio during the 2014 Climate Leadership Summit, hosted from October 1-3, 2014 in downtown Boston, MA. Participants shared their thoughts and experiences regarding topics such as:

  • Higher Education’s role in creating a sustainable society, and the biggest sustainability challenges it faces
  • Sustainability progress in the field
  • The arc of their own careers and involvement in the field
  • Future hopes and advice for students

Full Playlist

Sustainability Sit-Downs #1: Meghan Chapple
bcollison Sustainability Sit-Downs #2: Blaine Collison
ekiss Sustainability Sit-Downs #3: Elizabeth Kiss
Sustainability Sit-Downs #4: Tim Carter
Sustainability Sit-Downs #5: Katharine Jacobs
Sustainability Sit-Downs #6: M. Lee Pelton
redler Sustainability Sit-Downs #7: Rebecca Edler
Sustainability Sit-Downs #8: Richard Cook
wwiewel Sustainability Sit-Down #9: Wim Wiewel
Sustainability Sit-Downs #10: Jacqueline Johnson
Sustainability Sit-Downs #11: Wendell Brase
gboscio Sustainability Sit-Downs #12: Gabriela Boscio