Climate Leadership Commitment Signatory Dues

Demonstrating the importance that the Climate Leadership Commitments play as a catalytic force on campus, and reflecting the value of participating in a leading national network, signatories pay annual dues. Second Nature accounts for the size of the institution and the institutional expenses in setting the annual rates. Second Nature leverages philanthropic, corporate, and government revenue to further assist signatory institutions in their climate action work and keep dues as low as possible.

Payment Options

Check: Please send a check with your institution’s name and reference “Signatory Dues” as well as an invoice number if possible: Second Nature 18 Tremont Street | Suite 930 | Boston, MA 02108

Pay by Credit Card via our updated system: An invoice number is necessary to use this system. Pay with credit card


Leadership Level Signatory

Presidents/Chancellors at Climate Leadership Commitment signatory institutions may wish to contribute additional resources above and beyond the required signatory dues. These signatories are recognized as paying leadership dues according to the levels identified below. Additional recognition is given to these schools throughout the year.

  • Valedictorian:  4 x Basic Dues or more
  • Summa Cum Laude:  3 x Basic Dues
  • Maxima Cum Laude:  2 x Basic Dues
  • Magna Cum Laude:  1.5 x Basic Dues
  • Cum Laude: Beyond Basic Dues

See a list of current Leadership Level Dues Signatories 

Signatory Dues 2016-2017

Signatories will be invoiced in May 2016 with a payment due date of Sept. 1, 2016, using the most recent Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) data.
See our reference table of institution variables.

Higher Education Systems where all campuses/colleges are signatories can receive a 10% discount by paying all dues through the system head or main system office. Please contact Julia Pease for more information.

If you have any questions about dues contact Julia Pease, Director of Finance and Operations, at 617-722-0036 ext. 201. Accommodations can be made for special circumstances and short-term revenue challenges.

  Total Expenses**
Full Time Equivalent Enrollment (FTE) * $0-$27,499,999 $27,500,000
Over $500,000,000
2 Year Schools
0-1,999 $825 $850 $900.00 $1,000
2,000-4,999 $875 $900 $1,000 $1,100.00
5,000-9,999 $1,650 $1,725 $1,800 $1,875
10,000+ $3,000 $3,450 $3,600 $3,750
4 Year Schools
0-999 $825 $950 $1,000 $1,200
1,000-4,999 $2,200 $2,400 $2,500 $2,600
5,000-9,999 $3,000 $3,250 $3,600 $3,850
10,000-14,999 $3,400 $3,500 $3,750 $4,000
15,000+ $4,000 $4,600 $4,800 $5,000

*Full Time Equivalent Enrollment: IPEDS variable is “12 month full time equivalent enrollment”

The formula used to convert the IPEDS data to a full-time equivalent enrollment is three part-time students per one full-time student.

**Total Expenses: For Private or Public Institutions using FASB the IPEDS variable is “Total Expenses- Total Amount”, For Public Institutions using GASB the variable is “Total Expense Deductions-Current year total”

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