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LEAD Innovative articles and opportunities for leadership from Second Nature
Inside the White House Clean Power Plan
Mini Blog Series
On this blog over the next few weeks, we will break down what the White House's finalized Clean Power Plan means for us in higher education, and what it means for the country at large. While we, at Second Nature, are not politically partisan and do not engage in political advocacy, we are, of course, supporting leadership in and aggressive action on carbon reduction and also recently on climate resilience. The new White House announcement illustrates that nationally too, aggressive action on climate change is warranted and possible. We fervently support this new announcement and the actions that have been taken over the last several years to get here. We encourage you take a look at the White House videos and resources, and to stay tuned for follow-up articles from Second Nature delving deeper into this topic. Read more »
Diversity at Second Nature
Statement of Commitment
At Second Nature, we recognize the fundamental value of diversity, and the essential role it plays in building a sustainable and positive global future. Diversity is the backbone of an innovative and vibrant organization, and though pursuing it is not always easy — it is vital. We are continually learning, and striving towards growth and action that will allow us to better affirm diversity and equity in our work, and serve as a model of change for others in the field. Read more about our commitment »
CA Campus Sustainability
by Steve Muzzy, Second Nature
Last month I attended the 12th Annual California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC), hosted by San Francisco State University. This is an impressive gathering and great show of California's strength and leadership in campus sustainability. I attended three terrific sessions focusing on the following topics; net zero energy planning, fossil fuel divestment, and my personal favorite, student engagement and carbon neutrality. The student engagement focus on carbon neutrality is particularly exciting because it aligns with institutional strategic priorities and collaborates across departments... Read more »
LEARN Keep up your sustainability knowledge with Second Nature
Educational Events
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Early Registration for Greenbuild 2015, Washington, DC »
2nd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, Durham, NH »
AASHE 2015 Conference & Expo, Minneapolis, MN »
2015 Rising Seas Summit, Boston »
Greenbuild 2015 International Conference & Expo, Washington, DC »
Leadership in Climate Change Awareness Award
HACU (the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities), and their partner organization ecoAmerica, are accepting proposals for a joint Award for Leadership in Climate Change Awareness. A $10,000 award will be given to one HACU member institution. Deadline: August 24, 2015, 5:00 p.m. EST.
Professionals' Program in Renewable Energy & Sustainability
The GREEN Program's specialty program for leading sustainability professionals. This annual experience is open to industry educators, faculty, and professionals, giving them the chance to experience Iceland's renewable energy innovations, culture, and "bucket-list" excursions within a professional global network.
USGCRP Collaboration on Assessments
U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) has released a site that provides an opportunity to describe assessments and planning activities that are at all stages — recently completed, ongoing, planned, and conceptual — that do or could connect to the National Climate Assessment.
From the Second Nature Blog
One Experience Can Change Your Perspective in Life
by Florencia Bluthgen
When I was 19 years old, a friend of mine invited me to an activity of the nonprofit organization where she was volunteering: Un Techo para mi Pais (the Spanish for "A Roof For My Country"). We were going for a weekend to build transitional houses with families from low-income communities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had seen these types of communities before and had even participated in small volunteering activities in high school, but getting to know them personally and listening to their stories and dreams made something in my head click. Read more »
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Second Nature has a monthly column in GreenBiz – @edu which highlights campus achievements that hold lessons for companies. Check out August's article on energy efficiency in data centers.
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Second Nature staff have diverse strengths and backgrounds, and bring these to light in a variety of roles. Learn more about three of the dedicated members on our team.
Second Nature
Second Nature works to create a healthy, just, and sustainable society beginning by transforming higher education. The ACUPCC is a signature program of Second Nature, which also directs programs in financing, capacity-building, and climate resilience.
The ACUPCC is a partnership of nearly 700 colleges and universities in every state and the District of Columbia who have committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare students through research and education to solve the challenges of the 21st century.