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LEAD Innovative articles and opportunities for leadership from Second Nature
A Sustainable Education
by Dr. Wim Wiewel
As president of Portland State University, my role is to provide the very best educational opportunities and ensure our graduates are ready for the 21st century workforce. That means exposing students to the key ideas, problems and solutions they will face after they graduate – an obligation we take seriously at PSU. I believe, as do nearly 700 of my colleagues who have signed the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, that a focus on sustainability is critical to that preparation.

Yes, it’s a buzzword that rankles some people. What we have found at PSU, however, is that our students learn to analyze problems from multiple points of view – economic, social, technological, environmental. They become better thinkers and ultimately better global, and local, citizens. Read more »
Welcome New Second Nature Board Members
Laurie Fowler and Wim Wiewel Join Board
Last month, two new members were voted onto the Second Nature Board of Directors. Laurie Fowler, Associate Dean for Administrative and Strategic Affairs at the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology and director for policy of the River Basin Center, as well as Portland State University President Wim Wiewel are now active participants in this important governing body. Help us to welcome them, and learn more about the skills and experience they bring to our organization. Read more »
Announcing free CAP Software Pilot Program
A Partnership of Second Nature and Confluenc, Inc.
As part of its continued commitment to provide services to ACUPCC signatory institutions, Second Nature has partnered with Confluenc, Inc. to offer the opportunity to pilot Fovea: CAP. Fovea: CAP is a best in class tool for modeling, planning, and visualizing energy and carbon management strategies resulting in an acceleration to solutions. The pilot is now enrolling 15 institutions, and will provide an introduction to CAP Basic and 90-day access to the platform. Participation is on a first come, first served basis. Read more »
LEARN Keep up your sustainability knowledge with Second Nature
Educational Events
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IT Energy Savings For Non-Techies »
2nd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, Durham, NH »
AASHE 2015 Conference & Expo, Minneapolis, MN »
New coursework from the Northwest Earth Institute
This new five-session discussion course from the Northwest Earth Institute will help you take action to increase resilience and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Presented in an interactive ebook, it integrates video, audio, and printed content with action plans.
HEASC Sustainability Fellows Program
The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium’s Sustainability Fellows work on high impact projects to advance sustainable practices in higher education. Fellows will nurture, connect, assist and inspire the important work being done across the country. Applications are reviewed quarterly.
South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 1.0
This tool is a living spatial plan for responding to future changes like urban growth, sea level rise, and climate change. It’s designed to help inform conservation decisions by allowing you to explore information on priority areas, recommended actions, and landscape context.
From the Second Nature Blog
Energy Systems and Social Justice on the Global Scale
by Rachael Moreland, Second Nature
In 2012, as a part of the Environmental Studies curriculum at Northeastern University, I enrolled in a course called, ‘Environment and Society’ which delved into the environmental injustices experienced by under-resourced and minority populations throughout the world. Prior to taking this class, I was struggling to find a deep connection to my major. I always found Environmental Studies to be an interesting topic, but I never felt passionate about the subject. Little did I know that my entire perspective would change after taking this course. The environmental consequences and health disparities experienced by the effected populations, for reasons that could have been prevented, made me sick to my stomach. Throughout the semester, my desire to help this cause increased enormously. I had developed a purpose and started drawing out my future plans. Read more »
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Meet the Staff
Second Nature staff have diverse strengths and backgrounds, and bring these to light in a variety of roles. Learn more about three of our dedicated interns.
Second Nature
Second Nature works to create a healthy, just, and sustainable society beginning by transforming higher education. The ACUPCC is a signature program of Second Nature, which also directs programs in financing, capacity-building, and climate resilience.
The ACUPCC is a partnership of nearly 700 colleges and universities in every state and the District of Columbia who have committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare students through research and education to solve the challenges of the 21st century.